Kitchen and Bath Design

Kitchens are the heart of the home and a properly redesigned kitchen can literally change the personality of the entire dwelling. Your kitchen is the most used space in the home and needs to be both beautiful and extremely functional. You need to have convenient storage and enough counter space. Quality cabinet selection serves to reflect your personal style. Planning the kitchen can be a tedious but rewarding process. Helping you create your dream kitchen is Diane’s goal!

Bathrooms are also a place where real value is added to your home. Seeing you through the process of designing your bathrooms from concept to the finish puts a personal stamp on your property. Creating a functional bath and haven is a great place to start any design project!

Kitchen Design

Bathroom Design

Space Planning

When designing any space it is critical for my clients to see what that redesigned space will look like before the moving of furniture or the ripping out of cabinets.  This planning is done by first measuring the space and then drawing a floor plan and elevations if necessary.  You will then see what the completed project looks like before work begins.  Drawings also allow you to receive a firm bid from contractors so that you do not have surprises with regard to your budget.

Color Palette

Assisting in the selection of a color palette is Diane’s personal favorite.  Nothing provides a better value and provides more impact, than changing a paint color.  It is also important to pick exterior paint colors that work with existing elements like roof and hardscape colors before the painter shows up at your home.  Interior colors can be pulled from your carpet and furniture to create a vibrant space.

Material Specifications

Material selection is an important part of design.  The materials used for your project need to work together for style, color and scale.  Getting the best products for your dollars spent is also important in keeping your project within budget.

Furniture Selection

The furniture used in your space needs to reflect your style, provide comfort and function properly to fit your space.  Assisting your selection allows you to avoid costly mistakes.  Clients often need assistance in deciding what existing furniture to keep and what to change.  New fabric on a good sofa can often create the change you are looking for.

Material Selection

Furniture Selection


Window & Flooring Treatments


Lighting is and important element in design.  The proper lighting can truly transform a space.  Using a variety of lights from task to indirect will create a functional and pleasing environment.  Lighting plans can include ceiling cam lighting, wall sconces, under counter lighting, chandeliers, table and floor lamps and up lighting.

Window and Flooring Treatments

Window treatments need to perform many different tasks from light control to privacy.  They can frame your windows and create an elegant environment.  There are many choices in both indoor and outdoor drapery treatments and fabric options.

Flooring is one of the first elements to consider in room design because it is the base which all other elements need to be coordinated.   From carpet, wood, tile, or any other of the wide variety of choices that can be made, this selection needs to have style, comfort and durability.

Accessories & Art

Properly displayed accessories can really bring out the personality of your home. Often clients have beautiful accessories but the placement needs to be changed, or there may be too many or too few to create the story of the space. Assisting in finding and displaying accessories that add value to the space is extremely important to the finished product. That being said, the art in the space can really make or break the room. Selection of art can be a difficult task for some clients but being able to create custom art for the client is one of the hallmarks of spaces Diane likes to create.

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